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Modifying system files: the list
Here's an attempt to localize and document all worthwhile hacks you can apply. Permanently under construction, if you have any addition, please tell us. Note that there's a special list for splash screens here.
A - J
File Resource nr. Description App. version
Appwiz.cpl Bitmap #5001 Bitmap on the left in the "Adding a new shortcut" dialog. Color palette can be succesfully increased. All
Browselc.dll String table #807/775 Third numbered line, saying "A&ddress", is the address text you see at the address bar in IE 5.5+. Deleting content between "" will delete whole line, hit compile and save. #775 is the "Links" toolbar text, leave the line there, and an empstry space between " ". IE 5.5+
Browseui.dll Bitmap #261-268 IE 5 toolbar buttons, colored and grayscale versions, for different resolutions and preferences. Tip from beaker, replace the grayscale version with the colored one too! Also for IE6 in all OS's but XP. If using IE6 in XP, these are in shell32.dll. IE 5.x+
Bitmap #545 Glyphs bitmap associated with IE's explorer bars. All
Comctl32.dll Bitmap #124/(125) The Open/Save as... dialog upper-right icons. Color palette is a real mess to increase, basically something like a full 256 colored one should work, first color being used for transparency. RLE compression and 24bit didn't work under Win98se. You can download a color palette that worked for me here. Win 9x/?
Comdlg32.dll Bitmap #800 The Open/Save as... dialog upper-right "desktop" icon. Color palette can be succesfully increased, if so try to have the background correspond to your color sheme. Example here. Win 9x/?
*.cpl   Bitmaps, icons displayed for and in control panel item dialogs are generally available in the responsible .cpl file, found in the windows\system or winnt\system32 directories. Some icon changing can be done in the registry (check here), but most can't (some are 16-bit files):
  • "Accesibility options", #110 in access.cpl (32)
  • "Add new hardware", #602 in sysdm.cpl (16)
  • "Automatic updates" icon: wuaucpl.cpl (32)
  • "Date and time" icon: datetime.cpl (32)
  • "Display properties" is #40 in desk.cpl (32)
  • "Fonts" icon is #400 in main.cpl (32)
  • "Gaming options" is icon #102 in joy.cpl (32)
  • "Internet options" icon is #4487 in inetcpl.cpl (32)
  • "Keyboard" icon is #200 in main.cpl (32)
  • "Modems" icon: modem.cpl (16)
  • "Mouse" icon is #100 in main.cpl (32)
  • "Network" icon: netcpl.cpl (16)
  • "ODBC data sources: ODBCCP32.CPL (32)
  • "Passwords" icon: passwords.cpl (32)
  • "Power options" is #202 in powercfg.cpl (32)
  • "Printers" icon is icon #300 in main.cpl (32)
  • "Regional settins" icon: intl.cpl (32)
  • "Software" icon: appwiz.cpl (32)
  • "Sounds and multimedia" icon: mmsys.cpl (32)
  • "System" : icon: sysdm.cpl (16)
  • "Users" icon is #1323 in inetcpl.cpl (32)
Explorer.exe Menu #204 You can rename startmenu items here. Watch out a bit with the "&" sign, it goes before the letter that is used as keyboard shortcut; make sure they all differ (in XP only applies to classic startmenu). All
Bitmap #157-167 This is the startmenu sidebanner, bitmap number differs a bit in different OS versions. You might prefer changing the banner with Tclock as it offers much more unique options, is free and low on resources! All
Bitmap #7010/7011 Log off and turn off buttons (normal and hover) as used by the new XP startpanel, using classic view. Win XP
Ieshwiz.dll Bitmap #132 Left bitmap in the "Customize this Folder" dialog in Win 98. Image is shown with a bigger border that has the color of the first (0,0) pixel. Win 98/?
K - R
File Resource nr. Description App. version
Logonui.dll ... Login graphics for Windows XP. More info at the startup screen page. Win XP
Msgina.dll Bitmap #101-123 Microsoft logo's appearing on the "starting" and login box while logging in (also seen when hitting ctrl-alt-del), including the animated bar. Replacing the file differs a bit with other files, read here. Win 2k
Mshtml.dll Cursor #50/51 IE 5 stopped using default cursors, but leaves you with "the hand". You can relace this and the one with the stop sign (unavailable) with your own 256-colored cursors. IE 5.x
Bitmap #2030/2031 The two bitmaps used when web images can't be displayed or are loading. IE ?/5.x
Icon #2661 Titlebar icon for IE6 (for earlier versions check shdocvw.dll). IE 6
Msoeres.dll Bitmap #16 Icons used for the folder view (upperleft pane). Don't mess with color palette! OE 5.x
Bitmap #38/39 Toolbar buttons, colored and grayscale version. Don't mess with color palette (but you can have the colored version twice). OE 5.x
2110 The "2110" section holds the .html and .gif/.jpg items for the OE startpage. OE 5.x
Mstasks.exe Icon #401/403 Maybe you are forced to have the Task manager in your Systray because you have an anti-virus or something, change the icons here. Win 9x/?
Netshell.dll Icon #190-193/195 Flashing monitors as appear in your systray when connected, Win 2k/XP. For some replacements, check rnaapp.exe. Win 2k/XP
Ntoskrnl.exe Bitmap #1 This is the Windows 2000/XP startup screen. Important, check here first (!) and find some done by philsci at Interface Workshop. Win 2k/XP
Bitmap #5 Microsoft logo appearing on the "you can now shutdown your computer" dialog. Win 2k
Resdll.dll Bitmap #926 » Netscape toolbar buttons in several bitmaps. NS 4.x
Rnaapp.exe Icon #110-114 Flashing monitors as appear in your systray when connected, Win 9x only (for 2k/XP see netshell.dll); color palette can be increased, but you need to apply this mod for it to show (no need in Win Me). Check out these replacements (click preview to download icons), by resp. digitalspyder, beaker (inspired by and designed to match Scrows prime/preemo set), plastic, digitalspyder again and (?!):

Win 9x
S - Z
File Resource nr. Description App. version
Shdoc401.dll Bitmap #264-271 Bitmaps in Folder Options dialog. Image (large) border is cut. Color palette can be succesfully increased. Win 9x/?
Shdoclc.dll Bitmap #533 Bitmap in the downloading file dialog (When you are asked if you want to Open or Save to disk). Color palette can be succesfully increased. IE 5.x
String #189 The "Folders" title of the folders explorer bar panel. All
String #1211/1214 Default search engine url when you type something in the IE address bar, %s is replaced by the search query. You can also add new search engines, check here. IE 5.x+
Shdocvw.dll Icon #110 ".Url file" icon displayed in title- and statusbar of IE. With IE6 it changes only statusbar icon. IE ?/5.x/6
Avi #256 Animation on the downloading file progress dialog. IE ?/5.x
Icon #20789 The little yellow triangle in IE status bar when the page contains errors. IE ?/5.x/6
Shell32.dll Avi #150 The pocket-torch/search files animation. All
Avi #160-164 Several animations found on the copy/delete (multiple) files progress dialog, and empty bin progress dialog.
Bitmap #204-207 #230-231 IE6 toolbar buttons, normal and hover versions, big and small, only when using XP. They're 32-bit .bmp's, so consider alpha channel (info here). IE6/XP
Several bitmaps used for the Windows XP "Logoff" dialog. Win XP
Dialog #1003 The "Run" dialog. All
Dialog #1064/1071 The "Shutdown" and "Logoff" dialogs. Win 9x
Dialog #1089 The Windows XP "Logoff" dialog. Win XP
Icon #1-8240 Most default explorer icons are here. Replacing them this way is not recommended, there's easy enough tools to do the work through the registry; check here. All
Icon #240/241 These two are the ones that appear in the shutdown Box and Run dialog. Win 9x/2k
String table #261 You can rename the "Control Panel" and "Desktop" that appears on the Folders explorer bar (Explorer tree view). All
String table #562 Most lines here are responsible for the header names in explorer's Details view. All
Shimgvw.dll   Dll responsible for dialog previewing images (called Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in XP..). Bitmaps are for toolbar, titlebar string is in Stringtable #13, '200' entry. Win 2k/XP
Stobject.dll Icon #230/231 Volume control icon (+ disabled version) in systray (some more systray objects inside, hence the name). Color palette can be succesfully increased. Win 2k/XP
Sysdm.cpl Bitmap #1 Monitor picture on system properties page. In 2k/XP the file is 32-bit, for 9x/Me it's 16-bit, so eXeScope is required. Color palette can be succesfully increased. All
Systray.exe Icon #220/221 Volume control icon (+ disabled version) in systray. Color palette can be succesfully increased. Win 9x
Url.dll Icon #1-2 Default .url file icon, also displayed in IE's favorites. Win 9x/2k
User.exe Icon #100-105 Icons used on system messages. More info here. Win 9x
Icon #6 Icon used by default by some apps like sysmeter in the systray. Win 9x
User32.dll Icon #100-105 Icons used on system messages. More info here. Win 2k
Wininet.dll Icon #119 ActiveX dialog icon you see when adding an html page in your taskbar. Win 9x/2k
Icon #143 The icon on the internet connexion dialog that opens in IE. Win 9x/2k

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