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Some single icons
Any icon that didn't fit on other items and/or really needs to be changed can have it's tweak here. There's probably more that should have a place here; mail us your missing icons:
The flashing monitors in the systray ...
To get rid of it open up Dial-Up Networking. Rightclick on the connection you wish to change, choose properties. On the first tab click on "configure". Choose the Options tab, and uncheck "Display modem status".
A decorative option would be, to customize the animation... it's stored in rnaapp.exe, in your system directory, for Win 9x (icon group #110-114). For 2k/XP, it's in netshell.dll (icon group #190-193/195). It basically consists of 5 icons. To edit the icons/animation, check here.
The shortcut arrow
To get rid of it open regedit and go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\explorer\Shell Icons
Modify or create a text string on the right that is called "29". Modify it to say nothing ("") to have no arrow, it's said. Mostly that won't do the trick, so you may enter the path to your own overlay - may be a blank icon (this is how TweakUI handles it).

If not working for you, or, more specifically, if you've installed some recent security update for IE in 98, like this one, do a search for "IsShortcut" (found in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, with lnkfile and piffile). Deleting those strings will work for sure.
Startbutton and messages
user.exe The icons for messages and the startbutton are contained in the file user.exe (Win 9x/Me) or user32.dll (Win 2k/XP). To change them you need to modify/hack the file, read the instructions here. User.exe is a 16-bit file, meaning you've got to use eXeScope or an icon suite (editor + librarian) to replace these icons.

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