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lsdx - 23 Feb. 2003 - 20:59:

nPOPQ (my fav. mail replacement)

I don't know if posting this here is right, because it's already translated. But I think it's a good mail replacement.

Two versions: nPOP is the (very) minimal and original version, and nPOPQ, a little bit enhanced (not too much) with the nPOP code within . Interesting apps here.

23 Feb. 2003 - 23:44 spyder
nice tools lsdx, i got Tray Clock from nakka.com , pretty cool clock.
24 Feb. 2003 - 02:30 Explicit
Very cool. I've been looking for a no BS mail program. Thanks alot!
04 May. 2003 - 19:29 pogz
NICE! Thanks for posting this program... I really like it (outlook was getting on my nerves... \:|)
05 Jun. 2003 - 01:33 Red
Got a screen shot or a dirrect link someplace?
06 Jun. 2003 - 22:11 lsdx
Of course, Red.

nPOP's website and screenshots: http://www.nakka.com/soft/npop/index_eng.html

nPOPQ (nPOP with extended GUI): http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003011/#NPOPQ
Current version is 1.01b

I'm using this one, with a free anti-spam filter called SpamPal ( at http://www.spampal.org ). Great tool! :D
22 Aug. 2003 - 07:46 Red
I'm trying it out and so far it seems cool. 8)

Does it download and delete files, or can I set it to leave them on the server? I can't seem to find the option. \:|
22 Aug. 2003 - 19:22 lsdx
Everything you want. In menu /file/options/ just uncheck the option "Message body is received when checking". This will leave messages in server, but brings you only the headers. With nPopQ is easy, due to its toolbar. Just select one, click on buttons "Delete" (for delete them, or "Snd/Rcv" for that action) and "Upd All". There's no way to automatically download message bodies while deleting there but, who needs 'em?

Hope this is helpfull :)
25 Aug. 2003 - 22:08 Red
Helpful, but it sounds like it doesn't do what I want. I feel users are very segmented from how pop3 really works. I have an understanding of it, and can even use TelNet to access it. Most programs try to ack as if the mail was sent to your computer, when really you copy it from another one. I also find it fustrating that you can't save mass e-mails for archiving.

Still, this seems like the best thing out there. I'll just have to code my own when I get a chance. 8) Thx again for the info and help. ^.^
01 Sep. 2003 - 23:35 lsdx
True, pop3 / smtp / mail protocols are quasi-cryptic for me. I hope my explanation will be clearful. Are you playing with the code? What do you have in your mind? Maybe skin-ability? Pleeeeease, let us (me!) know your progress...
05 Oct. 2003 - 19:27 Red
No progress (no time :P), but I am planning on making a skinnable e-mail client eventually. I want something that gives a little more power too. Most e-mail clients take approach "simulate e-mail as if it was sent to this computer" in stead of "copy and control mail from the server it was sent to" which causes problems for me. A good example is that my skinbase pop3 account has webmail too, but a normal pop3 client will strip it bare of msgs. That's not what a program should do.

I also would like something that "played nice" with e-mail checkers and such, but I may end up having to make my own of those too. We'll see what happens. This is all in my head right now.
17 Jan. 2005 - 22:23 henrik
Red: have you had time to do something about the mail client or is that idea dead? I have used npopq for years, but it is not developed any more... I would really like if someone would develop it further. =)
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