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bob - 04 Apr. 2005 - 21:18:

Know what this is?

I've got an idea what it is, but no details....

04 Apr. 2005 - 22:06 plastic
You're talking about that 'Shorter launcher' thingy, right (as it's the one thing with screenshots on the page) ? It's a run and quit contextmenu/popup app, as far as I can see (rename the _shorter.ini to shorter.ini). There's a lot of those (lost track), might stick with some being or having English translations for shellcity.

It does have ability to produce double column menu's though, so that might trigger some response here, I reckon. And it doesn't look that hard to translate (but Babelfish refuses to translate the page, though).

Edit: oh, been playing with pixel toolbox, shellcity front today, that's a nice find, thanks for that one.

Edit #2: Shorter really can't/doesn't have to be translated. A more English based .ini is all it needs.
05 Apr. 2005 - 10:48 henrik
07 Apr. 2005 - 00:15 bob
Thanks Guys... Much appreciated
07 Apr. 2005 - 02:07 plastic
For the record, kept coming back to play with this one, no particular reason, just like its simple setup, and clean advanced options. Translated/expanded readme, and an English based .ini, showing off options coming up.
12 Apr. 2005 - 01:51 plastic

Fun little tool. I wasn't aware Google had its Japanese translation service up, henrik, thanks for that one.
12 Apr. 2005 - 14:33 henrik
I have actually created a program much like this at least a year ago, but with some extra stuff in it. It is skinnable, translatable (in a textfile) and has some special commands to e.g. copy the content of a file to clipboard, replace a command line with the content of the clipboard or open multiple files/programs/links from one menu item.

I just created a new version of it that uses more or less the same menu format as shorter (I stole the idea =) and is much faster at startup.
If you are interested you can download the latest version (including the sourcecode) from
I still have some ideas to implement, but I will probably do it in time. =)

If anyone has more ideas of what to do with the program just tell me!
19 Apr. 2005 - 19:40 spyder
Hey, henrik, that's a really nice and simple app :)

I really love the simplicity of adding a new language, and the overall look of it.

Nice job.
20 Apr. 2005 - 11:43 henrik
Thanks a lot Spyder! :-)
28 Apr. 2005 - 17:57 plastic
Late reply, but been fiddling with it henrik, really nice - good mix between eyecandy spu has and more barebones apps. As for suggestions, a better name would be nice :p.

If I was really picky, I'd say to let it default to user preference for the font when no font is specified, and do no icons for options part too (confusing as one could assume you can define icons yourself, plus it adds space everywhere). Oh, and a visible vertical seperator ?

But loads of advanced options there, like the clipboard functions, double-open and good to be able to use environment variables.
28 Apr. 2005 - 20:29 spyder
You see henrik, when it comes to suggestions plastic nails them as usual ;)

So, get workin' on it , we're waiting for an update .
28 Apr. 2005 - 21:55 henrik
*lol* No problem, I will look in to it. At the moment I'm not doing much at work anyway, so I even can do it during work hours.

You are able to add custom icons. At the moment you can add a jpg/bmp/gif as an icon/bg. But it does not automatically use any mask. You can add a mask manually, but if not, the icon will blend in with the background. But, I will work some more with that.

Give me some suggestions about the name. I'm obviously not very good at making up names. You can (of course) change the name of the exe-file and use it as that. It will pick up the new name on all places, except on the about dialog. =)

I added a option to not use icons to the version, 3.4.1.
I also fixed the program to use the users standard menu font as default in ver 3.4.2.
29 Apr. 2005 - 23:40 plastic
Been playing a bit - converted that example.ini for shorter to work here without much problems. Well, one problem, but my mistake, I easily add tabs and spaces to make .ini's look more organized, and Yam doesn't like extra tabs (spaces are ok, I think ?). Once found, no problem, but did make me think, would it be better to replace that tab with something visual ?

Oh, and I take back what I said about a visible vertical seperator, this looks actually better when having filled columns.

Have not yet been around with all options, but had some problems with the clipboard line. At first, confusion about having to use a solid vertical bar, or a broken vertical bar (.mnu file from old version being the reason ?). Can I assume you use Firefox and the mail program attached ? Line from readme opens FF when default, not IE when set as default.

In IE, I can solve everything by doing


FF opens with just the http part, but the string on clipboard is not send, I get a search for '?s' (that's '?s', character not recognized). Might it be broken somewhat in this version ? OE and the mailto link don't do as intended either, but I reckon that's OE and it probably works with other email clients. I get a new mail with this in recipient box:

someone at isp dot com&subject=Some subject&Body=[clipboard]

Name, no real suggestion for now, but thinking.

While I've slightly begun to really make this usable for myself (playing with icons en what I want in (I have a lot integrated in my AD already)), I'm also looking at default options in there. Point is, I don't need most. Can provide you a translation in Dutch, but I don't need the dialog for it. Help and exit, not really. In a former version you had a beta dialog for colors and such, that I'd leave in. And I d? want that option to open the .mnu file directly. Could those be optional and maybe even called from .mnu file, at place desired ?

Hmm, for now. If that came over overly critical, not meant that way. I'm enjoying myself and in general prefer to use apps where I can talk to developer and suggest, ramble and all that ;).
30 Apr. 2005 - 14:58 henrik
Adding tabs before or after a line is no problem, but the program use it as delimiter, I have added a new @ItemDelimiter <whatever string you want> to make it possible for you to change that to whatever you want. Do you have any suggestion about what to use instead? I do not want to use anything that migth actually be used as parameters to other programs...

Yes, I use FireFox, but the problem was not there, I missed the replacement of ?s when the target started with "http". It is fixed in the latest version.

The example mailto link is faulty, it was mailto:someone at isp dot com&subject=... but should be mailto:someone at isp dot com?subject=... That is, the first "&" should be a "?".

To help me check when there is problem, I'm thinking about adding a log function to the program or at least make it availble to send out debug versions of the program.

I have added a setting to disable one or more of Settings, Edit menu, About, Help, Exit or the whole sub menu.

Send me the translation and I will add it to the zip-file.

I'm still thinking about the settings gui.... If I use the color and font settings, I will need to add some sort of GUI for the rest of the menu as well...

There is a new version (3.6) on my page now.
02 May. 2005 - 22:49 henrik
Added a new function to version 3.7.1. It is now possible to create a menu structure from a folder structure. It is possible to only show the folders and a link to open those or to use a mask to show/exclude specific files/file types.
YAM 3.7.1
24 Nov. 2005 - 03:57 bob
Henrik, your whole site is full of cool apps. Don't know how I ever missed that before.... Shorter is of interest to me too...

If you guys don't mind, I'll be putting some of this stuff in the Shell City listings soon, with all due credit of course..
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