Serenity - 05 Feb. 2005 - 18:58:


This app puts the taskbar (icons only) into a tiny window that is always on top/movable for easy access to the taskbar icons. For an instant taskbar replacement, just set your taskbar to hide and run this. :)

Translated Version (includes original files)

(ps. the site says 95/98 but it runs perfectly here on 2k sp4.)

Heres a rundown of the hotkeys and menu:

QuickTask shows ten icons at once. To toggle to the next ten and back, you can use these hotkeys (You also have a choice of Shift or Ctrl as an additional/alternative hotkey modifier.):

Win+Page Up/Down
Win+Up/Down, Left/Right

In the menu, you can select whether numbers show to the left of each icon. I prefer this off. QuickTask assigns hotkeys to the ten icons on display. You can select a window/icon by using Win+(0-9).

There is also the option to set the speed (ms) for (translation):

[Input speed]
The tolerance level of input speed when pushing a shortcut key continuously is set up.

So far I've not noticed any difference when changing these values.

Lastly, for anyone who wants to change the window title, the string is at 7ebf. ;)

To make things look a bit less crowded you can increase the spacing between the icons by replacing two "1234567890" strings with spaces (20's not 00's, at offsets 812f and 813a) and check Numbers in the menu.

My new taskbar. :D

06 Feb. 2005 - 17:02 spyder
Nice job, Serenity.
Editing the .ini always helps.

I found a similar app, more like Joe.

Task Trainer

Before you start the app, edit the .ini file and paste this(delete first the actual content of the .ini) :


The Hot Key Value is set to Ctrl+Alt+T.
It hides all the tasks from the taskbar in the tray, you can also access the tasks just by clicking in the icon.

i have the dialog translated, but can't post it here, waiting for the author's permission.

I'm glad to see people interested in the Japanese scene :)

08 Feb. 2005 - 01:09 Serenity
:) I saw more like Joe whilst browsing; unfortunately it doesn't like to be ran at same time as QuickTask and didn't restore my taskbar icons when I closed it. :S
08 Feb. 2005 - 01:25 spyder
I'm presuming the same issue here, OS compatibility.

Most of these apps are built for older OS's, but still some run even in XP.

Not everyone tough \:|
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