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spyder - 03 Feb. 2005 - 16:31:

WinT (not our WinT ;) )

Blame Blackened for starting this ;)
His posts at the Japan Forum made me search for new apps.

Explaining wil remain for later, for now a directlink.

Straight from Japan , it's already in English :)

It has to do with transaprency, can remove caption buttons of windows ...

I haven't seen all the features , but it's nifty.
03 Feb. 2005 - 22:08 Blackened
Oh sure, blame me. I look good in my scapegoat outfit.

But hey, holy crap that's a cool program. Gonna have to play with this some more. May become standard issue desktop equipment.

Great find Spyder.
05 Feb. 2005 - 14:11 spyder
Glad you find it useful.
Seeing some of the features, i think we can learn from this app a lot, how to manipulate toolbars and stuff. More for the modding guys i think.

I just hpe more people will download it and find it interestig.

Isn't the animated transparency looking great? :) (if you have a powerful computer that is)
06 Feb. 2005 - 21:27 hobgoblin
hmm, while its a interesting app i have never seen much use in transparency...
07 Feb. 2005 - 23:57 spyder
hobgoblin, when you run WinT.exe , open a window and click on it's titlebar, wait for a sec and above the min/max/close buttons appears a 'button', click on it, and it displays a list, click on Alpha Value, and select a percentage, then you'll se the transparency.
08 Feb. 2005 - 01:06 Serenity
This is just what I need to remove the 3D effect in QuickTask, only it crashes every time I try to add a window to the automatic list. :(
08 Feb. 2005 - 01:24 spyder
In the readme it says it's compatible with Windows 2000.

That could be the reason \:|

Edit: I read in another post that you are on Windows 2000, so the problem is elsewhere i guess.
08 Feb. 2005 - 10:00 Blackened
I'm also on Windows 2000, so that's definitely not the problem.
09 Feb. 2005 - 16:21 deathmedic3rd
i found a cool feature, if you drag the tray icon onto the window the menu pops up so you can customise from there :)
09 Feb. 2005 - 22:36 craeonics
And don't forget to play with Color Key (although it looks disastrous if you've aliased your fonts). Cool find.
09 Feb. 2005 - 22:59 hobgoblin
err, just defaulted every window to 10% transparent in win2k. oh man...
it basicly killed my cpu :(

err, it may be that it was firefox that was eating my cpu.
24 Nov. 2005 - 04:05 bob
Nice little applet.... I'm not finding it using a lot of CPU cycles....
15 Mar. 2006 - 20:15 TGHI
Gah: LZH!
17 Mar. 2006 - 12:25 hobgoblin
heh, get yourself a proper packager ;)
as for the format, those crazy asians seems to be in love with it...
18 Mar. 2006 - 23:04 spyder

.LZH seems to be the standard there.
29 Dec. 2006 - 02:49 vvraith
Wow... this is an interesting little app. Its 4mb footprint will have me sticking with PowerMenu's 344kb footprint, despite the features WinT has over it, but this is a fun utility!
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