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spyder - 18 Feb. 2003 - 03:27:


TransTsk , it's a small app, which makes the taskbar transaparent in two ways:
Transparent and Half-Transparent , pretty cool.
You can make it load when windows starts, so it doesn't consume resources at all.
I have translated the main dialog, only one dialog is left, contacted the developer and see if he's interested.
19 Feb. 2003 - 02:04 pogz
Oh, half trasparent is very sweet!!!! Would be cooler without bevels too so you can draw your own bar beneath.. But... Still, no resource use, so it's sweet! :)
22 Feb. 2003 - 23:35 MediaLeft
Hey can someone be a pal in E-mail it to me? its corrupt when i DL it :D
23 Feb. 2003 - 00:16 undefined
ML: here (cab format)
27 Dec. 2004 - 06:32 GrandDizzy
Great app, really easy even if you don't know Japanese. Just noticed something about it.

When full transparency (the 2nd option) is enabled, you can click through the taskbar! So if you want to roll up winamp and slip it under your taskbar, you can still see it and click its buttons.

Pretty Nifty.
02 Jan. 2005 - 19:30 hobgoblin
hmm, anyone know if this one plays nice with tklock2?

it would be interesting to see a effect like the top one but where i keep my special colors for systray and start button...
02 Jan. 2005 - 21:47 lsdx
Tested with XP Pro SP1 and TClock Light, and it works "fine". I can't click on empty button zone, it seems that you must click only on the icon. But anyway, it's a great tool!
11 Jan. 2005 - 16:48 Serenity
It worked here on 2k with TClock2 running. :)
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