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PK_ - 14 Feb. 2004 - 18:21:

Neither Japanes (chinese..) or skinnable, but still cool :-)

Most people probably now about this piece of software, but I did not untill 2 days ago.. What software? Well, an email application, but quite a decent one if I may say so, I am happy with it (well, have only been using it for two days now, it even comes with a simple, but nontheless handy always-on-top status bar...) :-) (and its free)


Have fun with it,
14 Feb. 2004 - 18:23 PK_
Oh, and the translation is already done... version 4 of the app. is fully translated to English (if you understand modern chinese then try out version 5 btw)
14 Feb. 2004 - 19:06 craeonics
My Mandarin skills are non-existant. Give the people a screenshot, oh peekee one, for I do not see one on the site.
14 Feb. 2004 - 21:40 PK_
If the people want a screenshot then the people will get a screenshot.


Looks a bit like a normal email app. doesnt it?

Oh, lots of stuff to reshack btw :)
14 Feb. 2004 - 21:59 craeonics
As the Italians would say: grazie.
15 Feb. 2004 - 12:45 spyder
yes it is grazie ;)

nice app, thanks for the link PK
17 Feb. 2004 - 16:40 PK_
ok, now I have been using it for 5 days and it still works ;-)
27 Feb. 2004 - 21:18 PK_
Oh, for people who are using this: I found a dutch version somewhere of version 5.0 (translated by someone, and compiled into dutch by the original chinese authers, no reshacked thingy or so). So there probably can also be found an english version 5.0 somewhere.. (official site only has 4.0). And version 5.0 is really cool :-)
28 Feb. 2004 - 18:08 moshi
19 May. 2004 - 16:51 Red
Sounds like a good app. I'll have to try it sometime.
13 Jun. 2004 - 16:22 PK_

Still using the application and will be doing that for some time I guess.. Its really nice to use an application that is only made for one thing (email) and especially if it works as smooth as this one :-)

Since I started using it (with 3 different email accounts configured, all with their own folders, they way i like it.. ;-)) 90% of the spam emails have been filtered out by the app. and I never had to see one HTML email again when I didnt want too, great!

Also never crashed btw, and it has been running for quite some hours now, taking care of a couple of thousands of incoming emails and some 1500+ outgoing ones.

Just wanted to post that here :-)
09 Jun. 2006 - 16:32 des
i have checked almost 50 e-mail clients in a days. and found this app. foxmail 3.11 (there is version 6 yet, but it looks awfull, i think.) and version 3.11 can be easily reshacked (RCData).
till now i used OE with hideoe.. but i think i will never use OE again. :)

foxmail 3.11is a cool program maaaan! :) that's what i ever wanted. so minimal. :D

foxmail versions:
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