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bob - 02 Dec. 2003 - 06:18:

Heartbeat Crosshair

Does this not work properly in XP? Heartbeat Crosshair ? Everytime I start it, it tells me the program has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. Is there some prerequisite for it?
02 Dec. 2003 - 06:23 bob
It sets about 3 identical icons in my tray when it starts. And now the last time I tried, I had a problem with Zone Alarm. I am making no accusations, but the error from Zone Alarm said, "This happened because your ZoneAlarm (Plus/Pro) security engine was unexpectedly shut down. This may be due to an error on your computer, or it may be due to a hacker threat such as a Trojan that has maliciously shut down your security engine. Don't panic! ZoneAlarm (Plus/Pro) has sealed off your computer from would-be hackers by locking down your computer from outside Internet attacks. The step-by-step instructions listed here will allow you to restore your Internet access. You should verify that your system is clean of any viruses or Trojans before restoring Internet Access. Check with your antivirus support site for help and special tools to remove viruses."

Anyone else have problems with this thing in XP?
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