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Radiumflux - 20 May. 2005 - 15:53:


Just finished my desktop to a point where I can be "satisfied" with it for at least four hours before I think up something else I am going to have to do.
I started working on the color theme a while back with the intent of making it as dark and soothing on the eyes as possible without that pesky "three-dee" look. Then I realized that orange would really set off the grays well if used in sparing amounts and decided to see where I could take that, and this is the result.
It pretty much took one night without sleep to draw and replace the startup splash screens, GINA bitmaps, IE buttons, and make TClock2 bitmaps.
Still not finished though, there are plenty of icons and resources that I can still customize. I am determined to figure out how to add bitmap items to the start menu or create a dialog background for it.
I better get back to my soothing dark grays before the VP red&white burns my eyes...
22 May. 2005 - 21:30 hobgoblin
going that dark have allways given me trouble with some apps that force the main text of their interface to be allways black. therefor i ended up with basicly flat (concrete) gray. but i ended up setting my menus to be black with neon green text (fits nicely with a black and neon green clock area and start button, thanks to tclock2.) only problem i have with that is that some apps use those colors for the menu area in their window, yet other disregard the background but use the text color (firefox and explorer windows). firefox have another problem here as the checkmarks and arrows are hardcoded as black :(

i allso end up with some havoc one newer apps that use winxp/office xp/2003 style menus. and its maybe not helped that my highlight is a reversial of the menu colors (neon green highlight with black text). still, i get a very nice effect with that setup in acrobat reader 6 of all places ;)

good luck with your color choices, i like the orange.

btw, what windows are you using? i see that the normal button graphics for minimize, maximize and close have changed.
23 May. 2005 - 10:06 Radiumflux
Ahh yes, the Marletts. That would be Extatic's Squared set. Found it was the closest thing to what I am looking for without having to touch a font creator. Yet.
This would be Win2k.
Getting all the shades of gray to just the right amounts so that I can read all the text without squinting my eyes was troublesome to say the least. The orange just came later when I was bored of seeing no color...
23 May. 2005 - 12:14 hobgoblin
heh, forgot about changing the marletts file :P
still, not something im to keen about doing...

i must say i have yet to find that level of dark gray that actualy works, but then i may have worse eyesight then you have (i use glasses after all).
23 May. 2005 - 23:53 TGHI
It looks nice, Radiumflux. A tad of squinting on my part though.
24 May. 2005 - 08:00 Radiumflux
Yeah, I tried to make all the shades work with each other, and for the most part they do. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice the ability to read inactive windows without squinting my eyes, but it has been worth it so far.
The Marlett hacking was pretty painless for me. I have a second drive with XP on it so I just booted from that and replaced the text file. Extatic made some pretty good marletts and I have had no problems whatsoever.
25 May. 2005 - 05:46 TGHI
I downloaded a font creator program, then I remembered how much I hate vector-based crap...so I just deleted the symbols for min/max/close...it's not like I don't know what they mean! Props to the people who have the time to make good ones!
26 May. 2005 - 15:35 Blackened
I really enjoy the 80s videogame look. Very well done.
27 May. 2005 - 23:44 Radiumflux
TGHI: Yeah, I don't do well with vectors. Which is why I leave vector fonts to other, more qualified people until I can't find what I am looking for anymore...

Blackened: Old school all the way. If only they made computers like they used to. Back in the days when hertz and bytes weren't even mega yet. In a vaguely related sidenote, I originally was going to do a 1-bit "color" scheme but the contrast burned holes in my retinas and put an end to that fun rightquick fast...
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