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greg0303 - 19 Jun. 2007 - 22:59:

Windows Security / Logon Information

I have been playing with ResHack for a while and have been able to make some changes but what I am stuck on right now is added variable information. I want to add to the Windows Security screen (the screen you get when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del but haven't locked yet) the name of the computer you are on. There is a space between your logon info and the Logon date which I want to put this.
In the msgina.dll file in dialog box 1800 is where this can be altered, I just need to figure out how to pull the computer name off. If you look at the line for the Logon Name I can't figure out how it pulls that information from Windows. Any ideas or direction would be appreciated.
02 Jul. 2008 - 18:32 dean730
OK, I've been searching but can't find anything yet on adding either a button or link to the logon dialog box. I need it to open a URL, or something when it is clicked on. Like the default Help does.
04 Aug. 2008 - 16:09 bal98er
please read my response to your post at

msgina.dll doesn't put any info of the logon name or any other on the win2k style ctrl+alt+del dialog. it's shell32.dll that does the job. if you look at the logon name control on the dialog (firing msgina.dll up in reshack) then you'd see that it takes three lines and almost the whole width of the dialog. be sure that you know what you're doing unless this gets messed up.

coming to adding logon name, do an insert control by right clicking on the dialog empty space and choose SysLink control giving it a unique id (or none at all) and a style value 0x56000000 and ext style 0x00000000. give it a suitable height and width so that it does not get clipped. but i haven't tried this yet, so i'm not sure about it. be sure to back up your system first before trying it out.

i hope you get results.
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