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menuhin - 11 Apr. 2006 - 04:03:

application to overwrite shell32.dll icons

hello all,

I want to replace and / or redesign my WinXP system and folder icons
I have tried Iconphile, but i dun like it: it controls only some of the system icons and its way is to drop many tiny entries into my registry, and I even have trouble replacing my shell32.dll in SAFE MODE: it made the system starts utilizing shell32.dll even in SAFE MODE

I hope to replace and overwrite shell32.dll BY HAND, I tried ResHacker, it is not for WinXP, and I shifted to XN Resource Editor
However, XN Resource Editor lacks a function: there's not function to REPLACE an icon resource, and I can just import an icon resource. I turned out use the copy-and-paste strategy in the interface to overwrite the icon BitMaps, BUT... the newly overwritten 32bit icons lost all their transparent Alpha channels in such a way! making the icons very ugly...

Could somebody suggest to me some useful and handy applications (preferably freeware) that can do the job of replacing icons in a EXE or DLL (from .ico files) and still main the Alpha channels?

Thank you very much!


11 Apr. 2006 - 04:08 menuhin
I only found something like this and some other even more expensive softwares:


By the way, can MS Visual Studio .Net do the job?
11 Apr. 2006 - 16:46 des
wtf? *_* what r u talkin' about? reshacker does the job for you! :) to replace system files use undefined's replacer ( http://www3.telus.net/_/replacer/ )
11 Apr. 2006 - 20:58 plastic
/me stands (safely) behind des, and cheers yes (reshackers preview though doesn't let you see a 32-bit image, blended and all, but I do recall it just replacing files as is ?!).
10 May. 2008 - 08:11 rae_rae
Yep, I"m gonna do -- dig up a VERY old thread. Mainly to just say, no, this cannot be done. Fine, argue with me but I've been using replacer to do this since 2005 and no, it doesn't work. The problem that you'll have is that Windows will replace the icons.

I can hear it now..."You are not replacing all of the necessary files!" uh...let me reassure you, I am ;) There is no way that doing dir /b/s filename.ext will not show me all occurances...lol. And besides this, I'm a totally confident that this is a problem that cannot be corrected.

You can try doing what I have done for 3 years now and use tweakui to repair the icon cache after you replace them however, this is only a temporary solution and may not even work. The problem comes when you reboot and your icons suddenly revert back to the originals. Don't believe me? pft ok...I don't really care.

BTW, unless you have something productive to add to this, don't respond. I don't want to argue about what I KNOW for FACT
18 May. 2008 - 08:34 Blackened
dir /b/s shell32.dll only showed me the instance in the system32 folder even though I'm sitting here looking at the dllcache version of the file which, consequently, replaces the one in system32 if you change it. Try changing the one in system32 then overwrite the one in dllcache with your modded version, then use replacer.
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