Mafamaticks - 13 Mar. 2008 - 16:57:


I've search everywhere for this app. Everything I find points me to the dead x21b domain or posts from 2003 with dead links in them. Has this been discontinued? Are we allowed to share it still? 'Cause I'd really like a copy of this program or a program that does the same thing. Thanks.
15 Mar. 2008 - 16:32 craeonics
You could always ask PK himself. As you can see from that site, he has moved on to other things, but I know there a hidden directory somewhere on that server with his software (but can't remember the path).
15 Mar. 2008 - 22:26 henrik
18 Mar. 2008 - 13:09 Mafamaticks
Thanks for the input. I sent him and email. Let's see what happens. Are there any applications that are similar?
28 Mar. 2008 - 23:28 Mafamaticks
I haven't heard back from him. His website mentioned that he lost some programs. I'm thinking PKTray is one of them. Thanks for the responses though. I'll keep looking for something similar.
30 Mar. 2008 - 18:42 PK
I'm sorry but didn't get your email Mafamaticks. Craeonics send me over from

Anyway, try that link by Henrik. I've updated the zip file to include PKTray. I hope it's what you're after :)
31 Mar. 2008 - 23:29 Mafamaticks
Thanks so much for your help guys.
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