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Advanced options, as far as they're figured out, mostly apply to Me/2k/XP, but even in 9x you've got some control over them popup messages that appear when you hover an icon (you know you can configure the colors by checking the your display properties, right ?):
Want to get rid of them general, annoying tooltips that tell you what's the use of the recycle bin etc ?! At HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced you create/find a DWORD value called "ShowInfoTip" and set it to 0. In most cases this is easy accomplished by checking it off at the list when you choose, from the control panel or any folders toolbar, "folder options/view tab" (under "view" or "tools")...

The tooltip texts of the general items like the bin, "My computer" etc you can change safely by searching for it in the registry; it's all there and can be edited without any risk :)..

Even more annoying are the tooltips for the min/max/close buttons of a window. We found this to be a simple regtweak for Win 9x, and seem to have overlooked the option in TweakUI (it's called "mouse hot tracking effects"), it's available in X-setup too. I'd recommend using those to accomplish this, but for the books, check this value:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\  UserPreferencemask
It's a binary value (NT/2k/XP "UserPreferencesmask"), hexadecimal format. Default is said to be "be 00 00 00", and changing it to "3e 00 00 00" will do the trick (oh, and a restart). That could be just it, but if that's not the default, we had some fun trying to understand this key, the hexadecimal format etc. Check the item here.
Check (Me/2k only), in the registry, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*. When selected, you'll see two string values that matter here:
 InfoTip      "prop:Type;Author;Title;Subject;Comment;Size"
 QuickTip   "prop:Type;Size"
In XP InfoTip shows:
 InfoTip      "prop:Type;DocAuthor;DocTitle;DocSubject;DocComments;Write;Size"
While this seems simple enough to edit, it maybe isn't. Some questions. The "*" key defines what applies to all filetypes, known or not. It seems the QuickTip value defines what is displayed, out of all options available in the InfoTip key ? If the "Type" item is removed from both, the tooltip will only display size (better). But how about the other options (I'm assuming they're only available when "set" for a file, but I can't get anything to work, not even when mentioned in both values...). More questions than answers, we'll see...
InfoTip extension is an advanced tool to setup a more advanced/complete format of the infotip. Requires some study, but could be very useful!

ZipTip is another tooltip extension, by the same author. You hover your mouse over a .zip file and if there's a "readme.txt" inside that will be displayed in the tooltip (now for some scrollin'...). Otherwise tooltip displays the content of the file.

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