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Clipboard extensions
There's more than just copy & paste ;). Enhancements and extensions for the Windows standard clipboard.
A small, freeform skinnable and also free tool is PKClipboard: "a handy tool that has four memory places where you can store/get text in/from." The option for eyecandy :).

Clipomatic, by Mike Lin just remembers everything copied to the clipboard (text, that is), put the cursor where needed "and press Ctrl-Alt-V instead of Ctrl-V. A menu pops up with your clips - you can select one with the mouse or with a single keystroke." Optional is a set of permanent clips to be saved after reboot (free, all versions). Best option for keyboard and speed addicts.
On your 98 install cd, reskit has a tool called "cliptray" - clipboard extension to store any amount of text strings with some advanced options (manually add/edit, move in menu, preview mode). Find it here (506 kB), including needed support files (put in your system directory, depending on OS you might need to register them). All versions.
Still keyboard/hotkeys based, but with support for all kinda data, image selections, with 10 entries to fill, is Multiple Clipboards 2.2 (free, all versions). Also shows memory used by each entry.

Hamsin Clipboard recognizes a lot of differing data formats, has some advanced options (maxsize), and can be setup pretty much like you'd like (free, all versions).

Ok, if you really want it all, and besides, free, check out CLCL. Can be controlled all kinda ways, has loads of advanced options, supports everything, amazing tool all the way. Featuring bitmap preview in systray popup menu, neat!

Some related options:
  • Need to clear clipboard once in a while, for memory or security issues ? AutoClipClear does it and removes itself from memory.

  • Use Captureur (free) to copy part of desktop to clipboard easily. Free, with autosave option. Click systray icon and draw rectangle around part you want copied.

  • Just want content of clipboard saved when restarting ? ClipperKeeper (free) does just that. Systray icon shows kind of data on clipboard.

  • Networking ? Copycat transfers clipboard content to clipboard of other computers.

  • Launch that url on the clipboard with a simple click, clippur adds a tiny hotspot on the desktop to do that, plus lots more (like it can act as a favorites menu on the desktop). Nifty and really small.

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