Customization sites
Sites concerned with customizing your pc, any way you like; every site here has something to offer concerning decoration, but mostly more!
The Registry Guide provides you with all the information you need on the Windows Registry. Download their helpfile, and have a look in one of the best forums around.

Desktopian.org provides the best shell-related news, and adds a twist, provided by tin_omen, qwilk and _why. Check out all resources behind the newspage, it's worth it!

Rootrider (and friends), who kept FPN alive for a long time, now runs Shellfront.org, news from all around, ok, focused on the shell scene and customization. Most updated page in the scene (ok, once, still a daily for me...).
Besides filling the gap between the English and Japanese shell-scenes, philsci at crossedge.net has a nose for good related news items too, does translate the readme's of usable Japanese shell extensions and more.
Revived, all your shell and customization news to be found at ShellScape.

You'll find a lot of advanced (!) tweaks at Serenity Macros. Mostly not found anywhere else! (Not updated anymore, still a good resource.)

You might take a look between the many tips you'll find at Annoyances.org. Has a very living forum too.

A tweak resource targeting your favorite browser and the effects it brings to the OS, the IE Info Site.

Registry/network/security related issues concerning NT/2k can be found at John Savill's NTFAQ.com. Updated frequently, very, very good ! (make that a !!)
Tool archives
Shell X City has (links to) apps for anything you want, very complete (!), and at the frontline every day. Couldn't live without it anymore :).

At Torry's Delphi pages a lot of cool delphi applications (like Resource Hacker) are hosted. Loads of sections to browse.
Programmer's tools has, well, tools for programmers, there's some interesting stuff on "hacking" system files, "pack" files and much, much more. Something like the office end for the hacking scene, decent, but heavy potential.
With the major download sites going down in the dot.com debacle, new cool tools tend to show up at NoNags, keep an eye on it.
Skinning sites
Killed by eCommerce, now back, one of the founding sites, Skinz.org. Lately for sale, and, well, old glory is gone...

Which is also the story for Customize.org, but it's very much alive, with a rude crowd, and has in particular a lively screenshot section.

Now the biggest, living skin archive online, with the youngest crowd around, and holding poems, interfaces and much more, check out DeviantArt.
November 1st 2000 the first issue of Teknidermy came online, a "skinners journal"; interviews, tutorials, anything related to skinning - great initiative - and going strong!
Giving attention to the small, cool applications we enjoy most, and slowly growing is Skinbase.org!

Very much alive, still cozy and friendly, check out ArtUproar.
A development related page, with a heavy focus on getting developers of freeware skinnable tools together with users, is Skinnables. Orphan applications, links to freeware apps, other resources.
Latest return, now also Deskmod is back (once an successor of Customize, it crashed, this meaning every site doing skins is back now).

A Stardock based archive/portal, with sections for some "large" applications, and a couple small ones, is WinCustomize.

A new skin archive, growing, is VelocityArt.

A skins archive, but PCdesktops is targeted at porting the look of any operation system to your Windows desktop, and doing a thorough job!

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