Basically, there's not much to changing your cursors. Just go to the control panel, click "mouse properties" and find some good cursors. Also, most icon changing utilities do cursors too... we'd recommend IconPhile.

There's lots and lots of cursors available everywhere. But most people seem to forget they've got to be a bit functional, not too distractive. So here's some resources and some enhancements too:
Cursor resources
The scarce good sets we're aware of are at D.O.T. Studio (404, still looking) and at ICONstructions. |copland| has got a good set that comes with the "metal" theme and last, there's a couple of very colorful sets at Kumazo. But, look at these:
CursorsNut!! has some very good and complete sets; a great Japanese site.

Besides loads of good system icons there's also some great cursor sets to be found at Scrow's.

Humpjunkie, famous for his CoolBlue system set, has some good cursors and more icons!

Besides this cool app ColorPad there's quite some good cursors at Orbit Software. Done to be cool, but not getting annoying.

Maur has done more than a couple good cursor sets, check these out!

Especially the later, kinda simplistic sets by The Professor are definitely worth a good look! CursorEx (below) themes too!

BruB, former maintainer of the CursorPhiles webring (gone), has a personal page with loads of, most animated, cursors: Brub.cc!
Having trouble with the "hand" cursor, running IE5 (not able to change it anymore), check here. You need to modify an IE file to change it, mshtml.dll (cursor #50/51), but you can replace it (and the one with a stop sign) with a decent cursor in any palette!

IE6/XP fix the "hand issue", but you may encounter a new cursor you can't define, when inserting a cd (default arrow + spinning cd). It's inside user32.dll, #116 - you can replace it with a cursor up to 32-bit colors (safe mode).

Now, Win 2k has all this nice alpha-blended transparancy and there's the options to have a shadow underneath the cursor, very smooth... XP has it too, and what's more, latest version of some of the icon editors let you use alpha-blended transparency for cursors too. When used the drop shadow function won't work anymore, but using these tools you can add your own shadow to it.
Cursors with alpha-blended transparency work in 2k too!

For some cool looking cursors/icons taking full advantage of this new features, check out the Digital Garage!
CursorXP (free and shareware "pro" edition, 2k/XP only) extends the shadow feature, lets you customize it, but does much more! Basically it makes the cursor skinnable - have it any size you want, define animation and transparancy, very unique app.

Know those cursor trails following your cursur on some websites ? CursorSkins let you do it on your desktop. Free, IE needs to be installed; it's got an online install (and no, we've checked, no "spyware").

AniChoice ($19, Win 9x) is like those wallpaper randomizers. Swap your whole set of cursors at set intervals, after a restart etc.
It's said there's a hidden link at Kobi's frontpage you might wanna check out ;).
"DotMouse rotates the normal and/or hourglass cursor to focus on objects. Concept is cool, but you'll have to use one of 20 added cursors.

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