Parts and complete replacements for download:
Wvleft replacements
Replacement for Wvleft.bmp/.gif (the blue cloud or the squares) in your windir\Web folder. Check here to know how to change them for a specific folder. To save, right click then choose "Save image as...".

Starting with some vp branding (bgcolor:white).

and "mechanical wilderness"
Wvline replacements
Some replacements for the line underneath the folder title (wvline.gif).. To save, right click then chose "Save image as...".



WebView Templates
A template is just a zip file containing an .htt file and its surrounding images and script. More info here.
All this is for win98 but it works for 2k and Me with small differences.
The Folder.htt files are in english, to use them in a different language edit the languages variables at the beginning of the file.

Customizing a specific folder:
Extract the content of the zip in the folder (except Folder_all.htt, and the readme if you want), then select "View -> Customize this folder -> Create or modify an html document".
Click Next, then close the text file without editing it.
Be sure to do that on an uncustomized folder. In Me, if nothing changes and the folder.htt file was created in the 'folder settings' folder, move the extracted folder.htt there.

Customizing all folders:
(except those special ones like the recycle bin that is)
First backup the normal Folder.htt in your windir\web\ folder (rename it Folder2.htt or something).
Extract the content of the zip in this folder (exept Folder.htt, and of course the readme :), then rename Folder_all.htt to Folder.htt.

Window backgrounds:
If the template requires your window background to be different you have some possiblities to do that:
  • If you are customizing a specific folder apply the contained background as your window background: "View -> Customize this folder -> Select a background image" then chose the contained background in the list and continue.
  • If you are customizing all folders then you can change your window background color settings in the Display item of the Control panel or using a color changer. Or maybe use an app that applies the featured background to all folders.
Deleting customization:
  • If you were customizing a specific folder select "View -> Customize this folder -> Delete customization", and manually delete the other files contained in the zip.
  • Else delete all the files contained in the zip in your windir\web folder (including Folder.htt) then rename your backup folder.htt.
Manually install the view:
In some cases (XP...) you will need to directly create a desktop.ini file in the folder, and add the 'system' attributes to the folder. Download this desktop.ini file and copy it the folder (note that you can also change the PersistMoniker line to something else). Then run the DOS prompt and type: attrib +s "pathtofolder", replacing pathtofolder.
Commented Win98/ME webviews
webviews9x This is to let everyone have access to all the webviews, particularly XP users. The templates are also commented to simplify editing, and include necessary images. Windows 98 webview; Windows ME webview.
Serenity's Macro
[*elastic:] Don't forget to check out a really funky webview at Serenity Macros. (The site says its for Win ME only, and the installation warns that it should not be installed on Win 95/NT. So if you install it on Win95/NT be careful. If it works, tell me!)

Or, you could grab my copy of folder.htt (click the preview). Its got all the features in Serenity's webview, plus a few extremely cool features...

Check out the webview, and if you have any doubts, problems, or heck, anything in mind, even ideas, .
This one is made to show new concepts: not the same old left webview pane. You have images on every border and info shows on top and inline. Click on a file name to view its properties. No image thumbnail though (will add that, maybe :).
  • If you would like the title and folder icon to disappear later or before because the title is too long or too short modify the min_width variable at the beginning of the file.
  • This template requires your window background to be #b8b8b8 / (r:184, g:184, b:184).
Also try out Vebwiev, now at version 2.0, by elastic (former crew member, with vebwiev now on its own page :). Lots of features, xp look, very nice :). Note that this webview is in beta stage, and will work better with a recent Windows OS (win98, IE5+). Has an installation for ME/2k/NT/XP (check the enhanced readme :), if you are running 98, check the info above. Report bugs, suggestions and ideas about it to , he is around :).
Lightweight WebView in honor of Scrow's glyphs, all credit goes to him for the kickass icons.
Made to limit the size of folder.htt (6.52 kb) compared to 98 (11.3 kb) and Me (29.1 kb), while keeping/adding features by incorporating them in separate .html files that get loaded only if you use them.
  • No title, please use address bar/folder title, cause 2 is enough and you can(/should) remove the button bar.
  • Take a look at the config file before you use, some words to translate in your language, for file actions.
  • Needs the run: protocol and turbotop for set/unset always ontop feature (set path in config).

xhtml 1.1