If you like this site (you do, we know you do!), why not put a virtual plastic wallpaper on your desktop.
Zenogias got some done, and there's some more. Click preview to download (.zip).
© zenogias
17 kB, 1280x1024 174 kB, 1280x1024
178 kB, 1024x860 63 kB, 1024x768
Friends of ours did some promotion paper too.

"Blue" - 188 kB, 800x600 One by fiz - 130 kB, 1024x768
More by fiz - 175 kB, 1024x768 Another 'fiz' - 97 kB, 1024x768
One by zEro - 128 kB, 1024x768  

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