An overview of what's available here:
Toolbar Control
beaker created Toolbar Control. This application lets you set a toolbar bitmap background for explorer and IE, change the titlebar text for IE and OE, applies all variations of throbber images for IE, and lets you change icons and text for the zone information in the statusbar (IE and explorer). Note, icon settings for NT/2k/XP don't work. Get latest version (0.17 alpha, 1.45 Mb) here.

Due to real life (...), lack of time, beaker released the source. Find it here.

Toolbar Control
VP Toolbar for IE
created for us a VPToolBar for IE5+ you might find useful. It's got a button to go here directly (with some options), a search box that runs our search engine, and a couple of dropdown lists with links to forums, maillinks, hosted sites and some more. Get it here (57 kB), and give byblos/us your ideas.

VP toolbar

Byblos also made us byblos.dll!
Update! With Januari 2003 redesign major parts of layout got changed and toolbar needs being updated. We weren't able to contact developer atm, but here is an updated .dll, responsible for the toolbar (32 kB). New users, download both, run install, before selecting the toolbar in IE replace the .dll in /program files/virtual plastic (VP)/. If installed already, shut down IE/VPToolbar and replace file.
Fnad's tools
coded some cool tools, on request, we gladly feature here:

An unique tool is SetShellView (2). It allows you to have all the icon views available on the desktop too (list view, small icons... - 47 kB, free, Win 9x/2k).

FaF (4 kB, free, Win 9x/2k) does one thing, open the "Find: files and folders" dialog, so it can be linked from anywhere you want.

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