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Wallpaper control
A bunch of tools created to get some good things done on your desktop, like:
Tips & tweaks
Note beforehand (thanks Rob Semenoff), for people using multiple monitors. If you want two different wallpapers to show up, resolution needs to be the same at both monitors. Just make one - wide - file containing both wallpapers, and be sure to set display to "tile".
Fancy wallpapers just too much, maybe even slowing down your - old - comp ? Targaff pointed us to GradientDesk R1. Lets you create a gradient to put on your desktop, in reality creates a 1px wide/high bitmap, taking least possible resources and looking good even :).
Have a look at this registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

Create a string value called "PaintDesktopVersion" and set to 1 if you want your Windows version to show on the desktop, at the systray area. Here is a regfile to do that immediately.

Creating string values called "WallpaperOriginX" and "WallpaperOriginY" will give you some control over the position of the wallpaper image on the screen. Both set to "0" will display it centered, you can enter other values (in pixels) to change this behavior. (For some reason this doesn't do a thing on our Win98/IE5 configuration.)

All this and (much) more can be done using X-Setup by Xteq (free, all versions). It does anything TweakUI does and... well, much more. Best is, when you click "apply", only the setting you wanted changed gets changed...
Find a extensive explanation of these keys, their strings and more at dedicated Windowmetrics page.
Wallpaper changers
WallpaperChanger (free, Win 9x/NT) has some extra's that make it no ordinary randomizer, like making the icontext background transparent.

Another powermanager is Clint's Wallpaper Master (free, Win 9x/2k), not providing extra's, just very advanced settings/options!

JS Wallpaper (free, like JS pager, for Win 9x/2k) gives you a random wallpaper at every startup.

QuickChanger (free, all versions) does do the randomizing, but also lets you pick an alternative wallpaper out of a list easily. What's more, it's got a very customizable, skinnable interface. Check this one out!

And there's dWall (free, Win 9x/?) by d e l u s i o n a l 1 3. Smooth looking, all mentioned options, preview that will open the file in your graphic application.

Described as a "crawlpaper" tool, Wallpaper (free, Win 9x/2k) is more webbased, strips the internet and, well, check the huge options list there ;).

And there's Trigger. Free, and fully skinnable. Lets you categorize your walls in "moods".
Animation on the desktop
"DreamRender - Replace your desktop wallpaper with stunning 3D effects. You can add your own individual customisations through DreamRender's really easy interface or just download effects from the online Dream catalogue.
DreamRender also supports animated icons (using normal animated GIF files) so your desktop can have a totally new look and feel!" (shareware, 98+ - you'll need a bit "up to date" machine for this).

Or, how about a screensaver as desktop background:
Drempels, "psychotherapeutic screensaver and desktop enhancer" is a beauty that will let you do that.

Or, check out Vital Desktop, which will let you run any screensaver as desktop background (free, all versions).
Add custom logo on desktop
Think of your desktop as a TV screen, there's that little logo in upperleft/right corner... you can have that on your desktop (2k/XP only) too:
PK Logo lets you use any .bmp and supports alphablending.

Another option is Desk projection; translucency here is done by reading .png/.gif files at they should :).

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