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More projects
More "make-over" projects, outside these pages, worthwhile to check out!
M's Factory is a great Windows customizing site, and probably the longest running one too. Lots of information, but mainly great graphics for your desktop, in particular icons and skins, presented in some OS-related "themes". Another Japanese site with OS related themes is semi'S joKe pAges.

PCdesktops is a skins archive, specialized in OS related skins and themes, all kinda flavors.
The NeXTVIEW is a thorough project to get the NextStep/OpenStep look/behaviour to the Windows platform, by John T. Folden.

The NeXT-Station has freeware, shareware and some more related to NextStep.
Heh, despite Apple ... some people have joined forces and started Aqua Soft. They provide all kinda graphics, skins to get that shiny look to the screen you call your own...

New, good lookin' site for emulating the classic look: Win2Mac.
Check out Solar Skins for QNX skins, icons and wallpapers! Plus, more skins and stuff at mWorks Studio.

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