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The search function on these pages is available for a while now, which showed us one remarkable thing. There's lots of searches being done for "Mac" and related items. So, I guess an article summarizing the options, when running Windows, is in place... how to give your comp a Mac disguise:
The menu bar
MacVision used to be a shell replacement, it could totally replace explorer.exe, that is, the taskbar/startmenu. While lots of shell replacements were hard to use for a beginner, this one was fairly simple. Extract, install the font and run. It had some pretty advanced options though. Not only would you have a macstyle "taskbar", but windows, scrollbars, dialogs and more can be "skinned" to look like on the Mac (9x only). It has become a part of Object Desktop, now called "ObjectBar". Too late to try, latest beta's expired. Dead end, but deserved to be mentioned.

ObjectBar is now available in a standalone version ($19.95) and grew into a fullfeatured startmenu/taskbar replacement, configurable to the max and skinnable. Unenhanced version (nag screen though) runs two skins emulating the Mac menu bar.

WinMac (free, Win 9x/2k) recreates the MacIntosh menu bar within Windows (option to turn taskbar off). What's more, you can make it look like in system 7, 8, 9, or even OS X! Some good to read background info here.

Another free Macbar is RayFinder. Runs very smooth, but is Japanese. Translation, though not of latest version, at Win2Mac.

And one more; beta and developing bar. MacSystem. Adds a lot of enhancements (audio player, shortcuts), plus new version, renamed to "WinSystem", is skinnable.
The control strip
This is an extra module/toolbar provided with MacOS, sits on the side of the screen, pops out when clicked. There's been lots of scripting done around this module, check some examples here. Here's a couple of application to recreate it:
SideBar, by DigitaL DreamS, is a cool, simple toolbar, emulating the control strip (Win 9x only). Contains a fixed amount of system shortcuts.

Another toolbar like it is available at Penta.com (free, all versions). You can add your own shortcuts to them by dragging any executable into it. Newest version with search item in functions very properly!

And here's the future of it all... ControlBar. Skinnable, with a couple of Mac skins included, shortcuts can be custom icons and/or bitmaps, easy format, great piece of work!
Disguise you taskbar and other applications
M's Factory has loads of original graphics inspired by different appearances of the MacOS (and more). There's several skins for Tclock and lots of icons, to transform your taskbar/quicklaunch bar into something more Mac. You can find much more material for a Mac disguise there too.
[*plastic:].. going this way may prove much more valuable... not chasing the plain conversion, but just be inspired by the OS. Just have a look at the way the Mac people themselves handle this issue. There's lots of icons etc available clearly originating in the default look (they love their machines, and vendor, just a little more...), but with their personal twist added.
Recreate some mac features
Window shading
Doubleclick the titlebar of any window and it collapses, shows only the titlebar, like on a Mac. FreeShade (all versions), by "hmmnsoft" brings this feature to Windows.

If you're using a two button mouse be sure to add a space and "-2" (without the quotes) to the regkey at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (for Windows 2000/XP same path but at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, when installed by admin). Without it you won't have access to all the options.

Now also free: WinShade.
Window animation
PopOpen (free) adds a simple animation to opening and closing a window, like in MacOS. Works smooth here (Win 9x/2k). It's got no homepage, but since distribution is allowed, find the file here (33 kB).

There's also ZoomOpen (free), which features some more advanced animation effects. Low on resources, but when your memory is filled, it leaves some traces... Designed for Windows 95, it works for me in 98/2k.
Spring loaded folders
Hard to explain. Imagine you drag a file or folder onto a folder, it opens automatically. You can drag it on a subfolder, that opens too etc. Drop the file, it is moved and all folders close again, automatically. SpringFolders lets you do it, but is not available as standalone product. Btw, your normal two-pane explorer expands too, when a file is dragged; doesn't close the tree afterwards, though.
Other applications
There's a resource monitor and a color picker, both Mac-styled, to be found at the "DigitaL DreamS remembrance pages", linked above.

A cute, simple calculator, styled like on a very old Mac, is cruising the web - included it here too (12 kB).

Using the release of their own "aqua controls" lots of applications in this specific style are available at AquaSoft!
More material
Conversions of MacIntosh fonts, icons, cursors, links to applications and more can be found at Win2Mac. Now with its own applications!

Loads more at the MacIntosh Emulation Station (software section, win to mac page)!

Skins, information on applications and even two nifty theme sets for VDE (DesktopX's predecessor), recreating the new MacOS X dock can be found at PCdesktops.

June 2000 - thanks Clockwise [E-Maculation] for information and inspiration. Last update 09/04/2002.

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